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Experience the Easy Stuttering Analysis Tool

Learn in 15-30min

Automated metrics

Automated transcriptions

Reduce playbacks

All in one place

SSI and IEP Metrics

1-Click reports

No credit card required
Automated Metrics

SSI-4 metrics are efficiently produced, eliminating the need for multiple rounds of counting, timing, and replaying the audio.


Reduce Analysis Time

By facilitating simple keyboard inputs during speech sample playback, Fluency Metrics provides a comprehensive, user-friendly platform for performing and receiving your analysis all in one place.

Automated Transcripts

Combining the latest advancements in speech-to-text AI paired with the expertise of Speech-Language Pathologists ensures precise and prompt results.

How it works


The SLP is empowered to either record or upload a speech sample, which is conveniently displayed alongside the corresponding waveform and transcription. To guarantee utmost accuracy, the SLP has the option to manually refine the transcription process. Utilizing a range of keyboard inputs, the SLP can seamlessly annotate during audio playback, adjusting the speed to their preference. Once all keyboard inputs are finalized, Fluency Metrics is able to generate an in-depth and comprehensive set of results, facilitating a thorough SSI-4 analysis.


There's no need to revisit your annotations or transcriptions for counting, timing, or re-listening purposes. Just one or two playbacks of a sample are all that's necessary to complete the required calculations.

How it works
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