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May Monthly Update

Greetings from the Fluency Metrics team! 👋

As we step into the summertime of 2023, we are delighted to share the progress of our journey since our inception in May. Our dedicated mission is to develop a tool which significantly streamlines the stuttering analysis process for ease of analysis while saving an immense amount of time for the SLP.

Your Invaluable Input 🗣️

Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping our product! Through countless email exchanges, phone calls, and forum discussions with SLPs, we have been able to hone our concept into a practical tool for both ease of use and time savings.

What to Expect: Product Development Timeline 🗓️

We want to keep you updated on our developmental milestones:

  • Non-HIPAA Compliant Version: Set for launch on September 1st, with bi-monthly updates to follow.

  • HIPAA Compliant Version: The launch date is yet to be determined. We will keep you posted!

Exclusive Benefits for Early Members, Free? 🎁

As we move closer to our launch date, here are some benefits that our early members will enjoy:

  • Creating an account between September 1st and September 15th will classify you as an Early Member.

  • Enjoy the first two months absolutely free, followed by 50% off the regular pricing for the first year.

  • Don’t want to pay? Sure thing! Depending on your setting, let us talk to your admins and we can get you access that way.

Let's Grow Together 🌱

Spreading the word about Fluency Metrics among your fellow SLPs helps us build the best product possible.

Keep an eye out for our next monthly update, where we will share a visual sneak peek and exciting feature updates!


Mica Linscheid,

Fluency Metrics Team

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