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September Monthly Update

Hello from FluencyMetrics! 👋

This month's update gives a look into what the tool looks like.

Product Launch Timeline 🗓️

Based on last month's feedback, we've added new tooling for improved ease of use and quicker speech sample analysis. As a result, FluencyMetrics is set for its initial release on October 9th.

Application Preview 🎁

FluencyMetrics will initially come with a semi-auto mode which provides the following work flow:

- Upload a speech sample and get an automatic transcript.

- User input to identify stuttered areas in the speech sample

- Edit any incorrect parts of the transcript using the stuttered event markers.

- Detail each stuttered event, then FluencyMetrics will automatically present relevant metrics. Check it out below:

The above image is a display of your dashboard where you will perform your stutter analysis. Let's break down what you see.

1.) Start a new analysis or continue a previous one.

2.) User guide for the tool.

3.) Audio player: Play back the speech sample at your chosen speed and zoom into the timeline. Mark stuttered events with the 's' key. Clicking on gray regions lets you specify characteristics of the stuttered event, including: text modification, syllable adjustment, stutter type, and physical concomitants. Once specified, these regions turn orange.

4.) View the automated transcription. Click on words to correct any errors.

5.) Overview of identified disfluency events.

6.) Real-time metrics of the speech sample as you analyze.

Here is what the actions of 3.) and 4.) look like as seen below.

Let's Grow Together 🌱

Spreading the word about Fluency Metrics among your fellow SLPs helps us build the best product possible.

Our next monthly update in October will clarify any information to get started with the tool.


Mica Linscheid,

Fluency Metrics Team

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